Učka Nature Park Management Plan

naslovnica_eng_webOn the 23rd of February 2010, Učka Nature Park Public Institution issued its Management Plan.

The management plan defines the vision and mission of Učka Nature Park for the period of the next ten years, management objectives, implementation, and monitoring of the implementation with a cost estimate for realising the planned management measures.

This strategic document was developed between May 2005 and November 2008. It is a written summary of the guidelines and activities that will be used to manage the park in the future.
The plan was compiled by the employees of the public institution by taking into account contributions from the local community and other users of the park area and with the help of management planning experts from Fauna & Flora International (FFI).

The plan is conceived as a public document, available to all inhabitants of the park, business people, environmentalists, tourism professionals, and any other interested group or individual.

To download the Učka Nature Park Management Plan, click here.

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