On Friday 24th February 2017 a lecture titled “Botanical Distinctiveness of The Nature Park Učka” was held in Sinčić Palace in the town of Višnjan.

In this lecture, which was part of the popular lecture series titled “Fridays at 7″, the Park’s biologist Dino Grozić gave an overview of the key distinctiveness of Učka Nature Park – its great biological diversity. He elaborated on the importance of preserving the grassland ecosystem in the area of 160 km2 which the park comprises emphasizing the essential role of the meadows in preserving the biodiversity. He warned of a continued vanishing of the grassland on Učka to the advantage of woodland vegetation in the last several decades which is a direct consequence of the dying out of local herding. This fact leads to a significant disturbance of the dynamic equilibrium in Učka’s wildlife lessening in turn its biodiversity.

The professionals and engaged audience were enticed to bring out practical ideas for the effective counteraction of this unfavorable phenomenon.

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