Spend a day with the rangers

Dan s rangerom

Join the staff members of Učka Nature Park’s ranger service as they go about their daily tasks. The route of this educational tour follows the regular park surveillance programme. Since this includes various sections, the tour is a kind of surprise for visitors. During the tour, rangers will be glad to answer your questions about the park and the way it is managed, particularly those concerning the activities and competences of the ranger service. This tour is also a good chance to learn more about the natural and cultural landmarks of Učka Nature Park, and the way its resources are protected. The tour of the park in off-road vehicles is an exclusive attraction not offered by other educational programmes.

The educational tour with the ranger service is a half-day tour (ca. 6:00 h).

Since the tour is carried out in off-road vehicles, the number of participants is limited to 4 people per vehicle (minimum 2).

Price: 200 kn per person

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