On Saturday, 18th March 2017, an event titled “Outdoor Day in Nature Park Učka” took place as part of a grater event titled “March–Oasis of Wellnes” in the organization of the Opatija Tourist Board. Nature Park Učka reminded the wider public of the principles of healthy living, which first and foremost imply staying out in the fresh air. The air on Učka includes an additional and beneficial maritime influence and thus the active movement here is all the more appreciated.

The response of the public was considerable for a six-kilometer-long Easy Route on the Land Art path (Stražica – Sapaćica – Poklon) as well as for an interesting, guided ride on electrical bicycles (Poklon – Vela Učka – Mala Učka) both in the organization of Nature Park Učka. Nordic walking (Poklon - Vojak - Poklon), under the leadership of Recreational Sport Club Gorovo, and Climb to Učka (Opatija – Poljane – Poklon), led by the Mountaineering Club Opatija, also drew a significant number of participants. The visitors had an opportunity to have their blood pressure measured by the Red Cross volunteers and to gather useful information about healthy life style in general.

Sunrays were hiding behind the clouds and overcast prevailed, but we rejoiced in good company as we impatiently awaited the beginning of our climbs or ride. Učka bestowed on us its unforgettable impressions yet one more time.

Till our next outing, enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!