About the park


Učka Nature Park encompasses Mount Učka and a part of the Ćićarija mountain range. It is located along the northern Adriatic coast at one of the most northerly points of the Mediterranean, right where Istria meets the continental part of Croatia.

The distinctive features for which this area was proclaimed a nature park have been known about for long time. Due to its relief and proximity to the sea, the area is characterised by a particular climate and lush forest vegetation. Also important are its rich meadows and other anthropogenic habitats that are home to numerous endemic, threatened and protected plant and animal species.


ENCOMPASSES: Mount Učka and part of the Ćićarija mountain range

AREA: 160 km2

HIGHEST PEAKS: Vojak 1,401 m, Veli Planik 1,272 m

ACT AND YEAR OF PROCLAMATION: Law on the Proclamation of Učka Nature Park (Narodne novine official gazette no. 45/99); April 1999

ACT AND YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT OF THE PUBLIC INSTITUTION: Decree about the establishment of the Učka Nature Park Public Institution (Narodne novine official gazette 96/99); September 1999

COUNTIES: Istria, Primorje-Gorski kotar

TOWNS: Opatija

MUNICIPALITIES: Kršan, Lanišće, Lovran, Lupoglav, Matulji, Mošćenička Draga


What is a nature park?

A nature park is a “spacious natural or partly cultivated land and/or sea area with ecological characteristics of international and national importance that are particularly valuable because of their landscape, cultural-historical heritage, educational or recreational potential”. In a nature park, activities that do not endanger its crucial characteristics are allowed (Nature Protection Law; Narodne novine official gazette no. 70/05).

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