Rocks and screes

Stijene i točila

The rocks on the peak ridge of Učka are home to some very interesting species. Apart from edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) and auricula, which are of particular importance, the rock surfaces at the highest altitudes of Učka are also inhabited by the Učka bellflower (Campanula tommasiniana), an endemic plant that grows only on Učka and nowhere else in the world. The vegetation of rocks and screes on Učka also includes some endemic species, such as the endemic community of Učka and Justin bellflower (Campanuletum-tommasinianae-justinianae) that can be found on the shaded rocks of Učka.

Regarding communities of screes on Učka, the beech forest zone is home to another endemic community of beaked chervil and rock cranesbill (Geranio – Antriscetum fumarioides (Domac) H-ić 1962), which can be found in screes in the beech forest zone.


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