Hang-gliding and paragliding


Since the very beginnings of modern paragliding and hang-gliding, Učka has attracted many enthusiasts of these sports and hosted several Croatian and international competitions. The Učka paragliding and hang-gliding area is located within the nature park’s borders and includes take-off ramps at Vojak and Brgud.

In cooperation with the Homo Volans paragliding and hang-gliding club, the Učka Nature Park Public Institution registered the Učka paragliding and hang-gliding area with two take-off ramps, Vojak and Brgud, and one landing area, the plain of Boljunsko polje (please see the map for more details).

If you are interested in flying over Učka, please contact:

- “Homo Volans”: www.homo-volans.hr

- “Krila Kvarnera”: www.krila-kvarnera.hr

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