Route No. 1

Length: 15.3 km
Category: easy
Surface: 100% gravel
Duration: up to 2 hours
Location: eastern slopes of Učka
Start: Brdo hunting lodge 825 m above sea level
Finish: Brdo hunting lodge 825 m above sea level
Difference in elevation: 200 m

Starting and finishing at Brdo hunting lodge, the circular trails no. 1 and no. 2 have approximately equal length and similar lie of the land. Although not too demanding, these trails nevertheless require some agility and stamina. The calm and shade of a beech forest are never far away. So make up your mind and get going. Good luck!

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elevation (m a.s.l.) Km
Brdo hunting lodge 825 0
At the sawmill left 900 2,2
Mountain pass 1040 5,2
Turning for Vodička griža straight
- on the main road
1010 5,8
Učka Nature Park board left from the main road 940 7,6
Popova voda left 8,0
Turning for the Bončić house left 850 11,4
straight 11,8
left 13,4
left 14,2
Turning for Vela Sapca right 14,4
Brdo hunting lodge 825


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