Javna ustanova Park prirode Učka
Liganj 42
51415 Lovran

Ičići Tourist Bord in cooperation with AD Natura Sport organizes new outdoor event “King of Učka“ which will be held on September 29th 2018.

King of Učka is a recreational road bike race which leads from Ičići, from sea level, to the highest peak of Učka mountain – Vojak.

The road from Ičići, which begins on the sea level and leads to Vojak, the peak of Ucka mountain, is the perfect cycling playground and a challenge for all cycling enthusiasts and hill climb lovers.

Whether you are a professional cyclist, an amateur or just a weekend warrior, this climb will not leave you indifferent, it will leave you breathless. To get to the top you will have to squeeze the pedals very hard. But you will be rewarded with a gorgeous view from the top and a fantastic downhill back to the sea.

This is Učka, our mountain, she ask a lot, but she gives a lot. That’s why we love her and we’re coming back again.

The climb to Učka is one of the standard stages of a great cycling race through Croatia – Tour of Croatia.
2016. STAGE 4: Crikvenica-Ucka  2017. STAGE 5: Porec-Ucka (Poklon)

It is worth mentioning that Učka mountain is the place where the last few decades were held Croatian hill climb championships.

Be a part of this wonderful story. Accept the challenge, train hard and maybe you become the first King of Učka.

More info: www.kingofucka.com






Ostale objave

Did you know?

The griffon vulture feeding site

…that griffon vultures, endangered in Croatia, are often flying over Učka in search for food? Once they were nesting here, but today their northern-Adriatic population is decreasing and in order to help in their preservation, a feeding site was build in Učka Nature Park, popularly called 'griffon vulture restaurants'.

The „Two towers“ trail

…that in 2018 a trail named „Two towers“ was established, which connects the town tower in Lovran with the Vojak tower on Učka? The trail goes through the existing hiking trail, and alongside there are educational boards that inform visitors on the flora and fauna of Učka.

The Roman cheese

…that it is traditional on Učka to produce the „molded“ sheep cheese of distinctive taste since the Roman Empire time? Its production was standardized due to its use in the nutrition of the Roman legions, while today's cheese made on Učka doesn't differ much from its antique ancestor.

Slavic mythology

…that the Mošćenička Draga's canyon used to be the scenery of sacred beliefs for the first Slavic settlers on the Kvarner area? The local toponyms like Perun, Babin grob and Voloski kuk witness about the old Slavic cult of Perun.
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