Habitats and ecosystems

Stanista i ekosustavi

The mosaic of different habitat types within Učka Nature Park is the result of the area’s geographical position, natural processes, but also the years-long presence of man and his continuous use of the area. With regard to the distribution and variety of habitats, the areas of Učka and Ćićarija are home to plant and animal species that depend directly on these habitats, and whose preservation requires active management. For most habitats, this means that management actions should be aimed at sustaining (some also at increasing) the existing surface and distribution of the habitats.

Within the KAM Project (Karst Associated Management – Establishing a trans-border network of protected karst areas and joined management), the Učka Nature Park Public Institution made a detailed map on a scale of 1:5000 of habitat types within the park, in the neighbouring protected areas, and its contact area. The habitat-type nomenclature corresponds to the Croatian National Habitat Classification (NKS). According to the NKS, as many as 58 habitat types have been determined in Učka Nature Park at the 4th level of classification.

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