Route No. 5

Length: 14 km
Category: medium
Surface: 100% asphalt
Duration: up to 1 hour
Location: peak of Učka
Start: Poklon mountain hut 925 m above sea level
Finish: Poklon mountain hut 925 m above sea level
Difference in elevation: 465 m

If you are a cycling enthusiast and want to enjoy the view from the highest and most beautiful vantage point in Istria, then route no. 5 is right for you. It starts in front of the Poklon mountain hut and takes you higher and higher along a gently rising asphalt road towards Vojak. The coolness of the beech forest and occasional magnificent glimpses of the azure sea in Kvarner Bay should be reason enough for you to master this ascent. And when you reach the top, climb the stone tower, congratulate yourself and feast your eyes and spirit on the sheer beauty of the view. The whole of Istria and even further towards Venice, the Dolomites and the Alps, the whole Kvarner Bay, Gorski kotar, Velebit and the islands – these are all yours in plain view. After enjoying the view, reward yourself with a pleasant descent to Poklon along the same road. When you reach the finish, you deserve top marks.

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elevation (m a.s.l.) km
Poklon 925 0
Turning towards Vojak left 950 1,0
Vantage point 1200 5,2
Vojak 1400 7,0
Turning towards Poklon right 950 13,0
Poklon 925


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