On the occasion of World Water Day, PI NP Učka organized a workshop titled “Water And Karst“ for 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-grade students from the primary school in Veprinac. The students and their teachers Sanja, Ljiljana and Tatjana visited NP Učka under the guidance of Park’s friendly employees Nina, Andrea and Florijan and took an active part in the workshop.

During a pleasant walk along Banina stream, whose surroundings are replete with sinkholes, the children discovered entrances to several pits. As the workshop was held by the Waterfall, the children got acquainted with basic characteristics of karst waters and structures as well as animals in the nearby stream. They were lucky enough to enjoy an unexpected company of fire salamanders, which, looking at the children from a distance, enjoyed being in the spotlight and proudly showed off their swimming prowess.

World Water Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd March with an aim to emphasize the importance of fresh water and uphold its sustainable management. Namely, freshwater supply is endangered worldwide not only because of its exceeding use, but also because of increased environmental pollution. The highlight of this year’s Day is „Wastewaters“, which was chosen to increase the level of awareness of the importance of recycling waste water. The waste waters which are not purified end up being disposed  in the nature where they pollute the environment, but if they are treated, they can be reused for various purposes.



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